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Michael D Hawley

Michael D Hawley resides in Vancouver British Columbia Canada where he works as a freelance director of photography, photographer and as a camera operator in the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, IATSE 669. This work includes feature film, television, documentary and commercial. 

As a director of photography Michael’s work has earned two Leo award nominations for short film Fish In Barrel (2009) and 13 part television series Wild Food (2016) One of Michael’s early works a short film, The Man With a DVCAM was featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (2002).

Michael’s still photography has been displayed at many prestigious establishments such as the Soho Gallery in New York city where they featured his pinhole photographs Mood (2013) and Siwash Rock (2014). Michael has won both the bronze medal for his Saturna pinhole series (2015) and silver medal for Nice Day for a Revolution photograph (2012) at the PX3 awards in Paris France, one of Europe's most established photography awards. In 2010 Canadian National Geographic recognized Michael’s work for honourable mention in it’s November issue.


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